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Want to Demo Drive a Tesla?

So, you’re thinking about buying a Tesla. But wouldn’t it be great to get to drive one first?

Now you can! With Tesla’s Demo Drive program, you can drive one—with no hard sales. It’s just you, the Tesla, and the open road—and not a pushy salesperson in sight!

Tesla Model Y in Allentown, Tesla Model Y in Bethlehem PA for a demo drive.
Tesla Model Y Ready For A Demo Drive

“These Demo Drives are all about providing education and information,” says Jon Shelevew, founding member of the Tesla Owners Club of Pennsylvania (TOPCA), which has around 170 members in the Allentown area. “That aligns perfectly with our club mission of providing education and information, so we are pleased to support this program. From our long relationship with Immaculate Paint Protection, I knew that Bill’s shop would be the ideal location to hold these demos.”

You can read more about Tesla’s Demo Drives or sign up here, but better yet, the Tesla Owner’s Club of Pennsylvania has brought these Demo Drives to the Lehigh Valley!

Beginning in early February, a long-range, all-wheel drive Tesla—a sleek grey Model Y —will be available to Demo at Immaculate Paint Protection.

The Tesla will be all charged and ready for your Demo Drive—because Immaculate Paint Protection has not one but two Tesla HPWC chargers.

To schedule a Demo Drive, drivers need to be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license and insurance. Spouses and children are welcome too. Parents, you can test out the ease of installing a car seat in the Tesla.

Want to sign up for a Demo Drive? Fill out your contact info at this link Tesla Demo Drive Allentown, PA . A representative from the Tesla location in West Chester, PA, will call you to schedule your Demo Drive. In just a few minutes, they’ll verify your driver’s license and insurance and schedule your demo, which are available Monday through Saturday from 9 am and 6 pm.

The day of your demo, come to our shop at 1855 Weaversville Road, Suite 103, Allentown. You’ll spot the Tesla in our parking lot, which is at the rear left corner of the building.

Hop in and follow the prompts on the Tesla. Its GPS will be automatically programmed to take you on a scenic Demo Drive.

After your demo, to learn more about purchasing a Tesla, visit

To learn more about protecting your Tesla, visit this or email me at

To learn more about TOCPA—and to join—visit them at

For paint protection film and ceramic coating packages, pricing, and more visit us at

About the author: Bill Fetter’s passion for cars started at an early age, as he loved anything with wheels. Through his childhood, Bill observed his dad’s work as a mechanical engineer turned marketing manager and proud lifelong employee of General Motors. During high school, Bill honed his passion for cars by hand-washing and detailing his neighbors’ vehicles. Knowing he wanted to be in the automotive industry, Bill earned a degree in Industrial Engineering from Kettering University in Flint, Michigan. He’s worked as an engineer in the automotive manufacturing, medical device, steel industry, and pharmaceutical manufacturing fields.

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