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2021 Kia Telluride with Stek PPF Paint Protection Film and Gyeon Ceramic Coating for amazing gloss and ease of cleaning

Paint Protection Film

Want to avoid paint chips and drive with confidence knowing your vehicle will look new for years to come regardless of age or miles driven then our paint protection film protection is for you.

2020 Ram 1500 with Paint Protection Film to stop paint chips - ultimate paint protection

Ceramic Coatings

Need an amazing looking vehicle with maximum gloss, but also want to protect your paint, plastic trim, glass and wheels while being easy to clean then our ceramic coatings are for you.

2020 Corvette C8 Artic White with Stek PPF and Gyeon Ceramic Pro Grade Coating
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Do you want to keep your vehicle looking new?

Unfortunately, every time you drive your vehicle, no matter how careful you are, the paint on your car, truck or SUV is being ruined. Rocks and stones are lying on the road waiting to chip your paint. The sun, rain, winter time salts and birds are also out there destroying your shinny paint. Unless you park your vehicle away and never drive it, your paint will start to look tired, reducing the value of your vehicle. Luckily for you, there’s now a solution. Immaculate Paint Protection offers two different solutions that are always working for you, are easy to maintain, and will keep your vehicle looking newer, longer.  

Which paint protection is right for me?

If you want to avoid paint chips so your vehicle looks new – regardless of how fast, how far, or how often you drive then you need our paint protection film (clear bra). The durable paint protection film will be installed by our certified installers, offering you maximum protection and a 10-year warranty.

If you want a deep gloss shine that will withstand the harsh sun, nasty winters and other road grime, and is super easy to clean then you will need our ceramic vehicle coating. You can experience that “new car shine” for years with a professionally applied ceramic coating.

How long will paint protection film last?

Your paint protection film (clear bra) will have a 10-year warranty. Because your car truck or SUV will be in pristine condition with your paint protection film, you will receive a higher resale value on your vehicle; which means you will enjoy all the benefits of having your vehicle protected by a product that virtually pays for itself.  The paint protection film will make selling your vehicle in the future easy, and will justify a higher resale value.

How long will the ceramic coating last?

A professional grade ceramic coating for your vehicle will last up to 5+ years, maybe even longer depending on environmental conditions. Which means you will be able to have an amazing looking car, truck or SUV without all the hard work of excessive washing and waxing. Your neighbors, co-workers, and clients will stop and ask you why you always have a new car. The ceramic coating protection can be your secret, or you can brag to them and explain how you have an elite level finish and protective coating on your vehicle that they need to have installed on their vehicle.


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Why should I trust Immaculate Paint Protection?

You have a cherished vehicle that you need protect, you have done your research and found many options, you want the best protection at a fair price, and you need quality products and excellent customer service. Imagine working with a company that could provide products and services that are best for you. At Immaculate Paint Protection we will work with you and for you, to determine what paint protection options are best for your unique situation. Our skilled technicians have been certified by for paint protection film installation. For paint correction and ceramic coating, our skilled craftsmen have undergone countless hours of training, ensuring spectacular results.  Contact us so we can create a custom solution for your specific needs.

What is Professional Paint Protection?

If you are in the Lehigh Valley, or even Bucks, Montgomery, or the Poconos, we provide the best paint protection film and ceramic vehicle coating services.   Your vehicle is special and your time is valuable and we will respect both by providing you clear communication and we will listen to your needs. Our professional approach is all encompassing and designed to give you the best customer experience possible. We use the best products; we do not advertise one product then provide you a different product. We have spotless facilities, your vehicle is insured and secured in our facility, we will keep your vehicle indoors until pick up.  If you need something special, just ask, we work for you.

When should I buy vehicle paint protection?

Invest in paint protection film or ceramic coating immediately after you purchase your vehicle. We have seen vehicles with fewer than 50 miles damaged by paint chips. Do not tempt fate; install paint protection film right away, otherwise paint chips are guaranteed from driving.

A ceramic coating installed on a brand-new vehicle, most likely requires less extensive paint correction preparation, to fix swirls and scratches, which means you can possibly save money while having an amazing looking vehicle.

The dealership offered me paint protection what should I do?

Great, we believe all vehicles benefit from paint protection film and ceramic coatings. Here is the advice we give to our family and closest friends buying new vehicles. Ask a lot of questions of your sales person or finance manager about the paint protection offering. Find out the brand name of product; the dealership should be listed on that brand’s website. Ask if the installation is done by a 3rd party sub-contractor or an actual dealership employee. Listen for crazy claims, like “never wash your car again” or “acid rain protection”.  Inquire about installation time, which is an excellent indication of product durability. If you would like an independent opinion please review our site, or contact us for further information.

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I love glossy paint, but hate paint chips what should I do?

You can have a glossy car, truck or SUV with a durable ceramic coating and at the same time protect your paint from stone and rock chips with our paint protection film (ppf). Combining both paint protection film and a ceramic coating ensures the ultimate level of vehicle paint protection. Our clients understand quality and they want the finest products and services for their new vehicles, which is why the majority of our clients purchase both paint protection film and ceramic coating at the same time. By working with Immaculate Paint Protection, you will experience a seamless experience; you will save time by purchasing both the paint protection film and the ceramic coating.  You will also avoid the hassle of having to deal with multiple shops and the associated logistical challenges.

The truth about new vehicle paint protection!

When the highest quality products available are used by meticulous craftsmen with an included multiyear warranty and spectacular client service, new vehicle paint protection is a very affordable investment.  The downside of not purchasing paint protection could involve spending thousands of dollars and waiting days or weeks to have a vehicle repainted.

The first truth we can share is that every vehicle will suffer from paint chips and only paint protection film, “clear bra”, can stop the rock chips.

The second truth is all new vehicles need some level of paint correction and a protective coating. For durability that last years and to eliminate monthly waxing and make washing easier, we use ceramic coatings.

The last truth is your vehicle will need some level of paint protection and you deserve the highest level of client service.

Toyota 4Runner w Ceramic Coat and Paint Protection Film by Immaculate Paint Protection

Ankur J., Google Review

" The SUV is shimmering. His prices are competitive and his service is phenomenal."

Jeep Grand Cherokee - PPF Front Bumper and Partial Hood

Janet F., Google Review

"With the high cost of cars, it made sense to spend some money to protect the paint from rocks and scratches and improve the car’s resale value.."

2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata with Paint Protection Film installed

Xavier G., Google Review

"If you are looking at protecting your car investment in the Lehigh Valley I highly recommend Immaculate Paint Protection."