Paint Protection Film

Can your new vehicle stay looking new?

No matter how carefully you drive the paint on your new vehicle will become chipped.  Waxes, polishes, space age sealants will not protect your paint from rocks and stones that love to chip away your paint.  

Why your new vehicle’s paint will start to look blemished?

Here is the problem you face; your brand-new vehicle looks great now, but will become damaged every time you drive.

Which means chipping paint will make your vehicle look terrible, tired and worn out and will cost thousands of dollars in depreciation or expensive repairs to repaint.

Touch up paint is not an effective or acceptable repair; in fact some of the damage caused by sand and small road embers cannot be touched up, and the paint chips that can be fixed by touch up paint can make the problem appear even worse.  Given enough time, mileage and adverse driving conditions, the paint will become so damaged and unsightly it can be impossible to fix the vehicle without expensive, and time-consuming auto body repairs.


Paint chips that are deep enough to bare metal make the vehicle susceptible to rust damage; nobody wants to drive a rusty vehicle.


New vehicle paint is thinner, today's vehicles are more powerful, and increased highways speeds with more aggressive drivers who kick up rocks and stones at your brand-new vehicle; all these are just a few factors that cause the paint on your new vehicle to be chipped away.  

Everyday hazards your vehicle will face

You wouldn’t let someone rub sand or gravel, throw rocks, park in a construction zone, or dump winter-time ice melting salt on your brand-new vehicle, would you? So why are you letting the road destroy the finish on your expensive brand-new vehicle? Every time you drive you are exposing your vehicle’s finish to the dangers present on the road.


Your vehicle may look great today because it is brand new, but how will it look 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years from now?

ImmaculatePaintProtection-Porsche 911 Gyeon Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film aka clear bra

Paint Protection Film to save your vehicle's paint!

Here’s the answer to your problem – our paint protection film options will stop rocks and stones from chipping your vehicles paint. Imagine driving when and where you want without the fear of having your beautiful vehicle’s finish destroyed. 


Here is a simple test to determine if you need paint protection film for your vehicle: go look at any vehicle that is a few years old and look at the front bumper and hood and you’ll see paint chips, now go look at the rear bumper and trunk; most likely the paint will look great and have no paint chips. Okay so you may see some scratches from stuff being pulled out the trunk, but don’t worry we have a solution for that too.

Features and Benefits of Paint Protection Film for your new vehicle

  • Durable and polyurethane film – much like a screen saver for your phone - means it can absorb the impact of flying road debris helping your vehicle’s paint look new for years to come.


  • Self-healing technology means very light swirl marks disappear in the sun helping your vehicle look freshly polished for years without any additional required work.

  • Clear Coat provides additional layer of UV protection which means your paint will stay fresh and won’t fade from the sun. This feature is great for headlights!

  • Available top of the line product offers self-cleaning properties – less washing and stays cleaner, longer, which means you save valuable time that can now be spent doing the things you truly enjoy. 

  • Computer cut film – provides you with a better installation meaning vehicle disassembly is not needed which means your vehicle stays factory original.

  • Our pre-selected coverage packages offer our most popular selling packages – the benefit is you will receive transparent pricing posted on our website meaning you know you’re getting great straight-forward pricing.

  • Virtually invisible film provides maximum protection in the areas you need it most, meaning you do not need to install paint protection film on your entire vehicle to receive the benefits.

  • Film can be safely removed from the vehicle, revealing show room fresh paint, meaning the factory original paint is persevered increasing the car’s value.

  • 10-year warranty – buy with confidence

  • Our outstanding client service is combined with top tier products and given to you at fair and honest prices meaning you’ll be comfortable knowing you received the best paint protection possible.

Trusted Paint Protection Specialists

We are skilled technicians and craftsmen with the technical knowledge and certification to properly install your paint protection film. Our backgrounds working as an Industrial Engineer for the automotive industry and our experience in the dealership service operations brings us a unique perspective to provide you with the best paint protection film products and highest quality service possible.  Our passion drives our desire for continual education so we are always staying at the forefront of the vehicle paint protection industry.

2020 Rav4 with aftermarket paint protection film installed by Immaculate Paint Protection - stone guard , no more rock chips

Andrew Y., Google Review

"Bill took the time to explain different options with no pressure or sales pitch. You can tell he loves his work!"

ImmaculatePaintProtection-Tesla Y white with Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film aka PPF Testimonial from happy clients

Joann D., Google Review

"Our Tesla Model Y looks amazing....We couldn’t have asked for a better experience!"

Cyndy V., Google Review

"He was very professional and listened to my concerns and wants...  I love this vehicle and plan on keeping it awhile"

Informative Video Series - Paint Protection Film

Things you might not know about Paint Protection Film  

  • Did you know people do judge you by your vehicle’s appearance? What image are you projecting with your vehicle; a clean and well-maintained vehicle shows the world you are successful, thoughtful, and detail orientated.


  • Did you know some cars can actually appreciate in value? And if they don’t, think of all the money you’ll save by driving a car that looks brand new but is actually paid off?

  • Did you know a vehicle’s appearance is the single largest determining factor in value / resale value?

  • Did you know it’s cheaper to install ppf than to have your vehicle repainted?​​​

    • We have clients that are thrilled with our service because on their previous vehicles they have had to have their vehicle's front end repainted 2 and even 3 times to fix all the paint chips 

  • Did you know paint protection film can be installed on only the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle? So you get maximum protection with the highest value.

  • Did you know most dealerships offer paint protection options? They are really nothing more than a simple spray wax backed up by a warranty from a third-party insurance company.

  • Did you know that dealerships installing paint protection film most often rely on third party contractors to complete the installation?  So this begs the question, who is the installer really working for; you and your vehicle or the dealership?

  • Did you know that some detailers offer paint protection film by relying on third party / subcontract installers? Just make sure to ask who is doing the work and if the person installing works directly for the detailing company full time.

  • Did you know that you’ll get a higher resale value with your vehicle once you have ppf installed?

  • Did you know our ppf will save you time?

    • You can drive a little faster; go ahead get in the fast lane and attack the on-ramp.  Enjoy a spirited drive through the country knowing your vehicle is protected

    • Self-healing film will eliminate the need for polishing

    • You’ll keep your vehicle longer b/c your car looks new, which means you can delay the painful car buying experience

    • Concierge level service; we will get you the right product with the right coverage at a fair price

    • ​Selling your car will be a smoother process because new looking cars are more desirable

  • Did you know factory paint is the best paint?

    • 400-degree ovens bake on the paint

    • Space age clean rooms

    • Robotic sprayers

    • We have had body shop mangers confide in us that they tell their family and friends to have ppf installed right away to avoid repainting a car.  A car should only ever be repainted for accident repair.

  • Did you know you’ll be the envy of your family and friends?

    • Your vehicle will always look new

    • You’ll show you respect and care for your investments

    • Friends will want to know your secrets for keeping your car looking new, or they will assume you are always driving a new car

    • You will be part of elite group of car guys and car chicks that take care of their vehicles the best way possible

  • Did you know ppf is installed and trusted by major auto manufactures to stop paint damage?

    • They install ppf to prevent rust

    • They install ppf to keep client satisfaction high

Paint Protection Pricing

Full Front End

*Most Popular Package

The Full Front End package provides maximum coverage - the full hood and full fenders are covered.  The front bumper and mirrors are also covered 

Excellent choice for extensive highway driving and high value vehicles


$1900 for Car - Premium Shield

$2200 for Truck / SUV - Premium Shield

$2200 for Car - STEK Dyno Shield

$2500 for Truck / SUV - STEK Dyno Shield


Partial Front End

*Great Value


The Partial Front End package covers approximately the first 18-20" of the hood; a small section of front fenders are also covered. The front bumper and mirrors are also covered


This package provides a great balance between coverage and cost

$1000 for Car - Premium Shield

$1100 for Truck / SUV - Premium Shield

$1200 for Car - STEK Dyno Shield

$1300 for Truck / SUV - STEK Dyno Shield

Headlight Package

*Essential Add-On

The headlight package protects your headlights from yellowing,  which will keep you and your family safe.


$150 for Car 

$175 for Truck / SUV 


Act Now!

Make the wise choice and protect your vehicle.  Not only will you avoid expensive damage, you will have a great looking vehicle for many years to come.

Act now to protect your vehicle. Our schedule fills up quickly.

2020 F250 with PPF Paint Protection Film and Gyeon Ceramic Coating

Advantage of Immaculate Paint Protection 

  • Ceramic coating can be applied on top of paint protection film giving you the ultimate paint protection available by us in our shop saving you the hassle of running around to multiple shops


  • We complete all the work on your vehicle - we do not use subcontractors 

  • Small shop, low volume – not relying on fancy marketing and select gimmicks


  • Complimentary 30-day first wash and coating maintenance education - it’s a craft and passion of ours, so we can offer the best education


  • Ongoing customer support – we won’t forget about you or ignore you

  • Convenient after-hours services – weekends and evening by appointment 


  • Transparent pricing – no hidden surprises


  • Indoor vehicle storage - up to one week

Is Paint Protection worth it? 

Nobody wants to waste their hard-earned money; we understand that completely and that is why we only offer the best paint protection film and services at Immaculate Paint Protection.  So then why are people saying paint protection film is not worth it? If you ask the Internet and then read the forums about paint protection film, you’ll get two distinct answers about paint protection film. One group will say that paint protection film is a waste of money; these people are wrong. In fact, it is our conclusion that the group of people saying that paint protection film is a waste money have never experienced, purchased or even properly researched paint protection film. That’s the great thing about the Internet right, anyone can post an opinion. In fact, we would say these naysayers actually want paint protection film, but can’t afford it so instead of being honest, they cast doubt on the people that are forward thinking and are willing to invest money to protect their new vehicle.

The second group we find posting on the Internet about paint protection film will say absolutely that they are happy and grateful that they purchased paint protection film. What we find interesting about this group is that they commonly say they have had paint protection film installed on multiple vehicles and will continue to have paint protection film installed on their future vehicles. The group that says paint protection film is worth it – they are speaking from direct and real-world experience. We have been able to successfully grow our business by catering to the group of clients that understand the need to protect their new vehicles. A fair amount of our business is built on return clients; our clients are smart, they understand value, quality and appreciate premium service.

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Tesla Model Y Red adn White PPF Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating Immaculate Paint Protection

Paint Protection Film is a great investment but what if is costs more than my budget allows?

Every car deserves paint protection film, and yes we are sensitive to the fact you may have a budget to work within.  In this case, we suggest buying our partial front-end paint protection film package.  If need be, we can offer you a solution that will offer coverage to most critical areas while being budget friendly.  

Product Comparison of Paint Protection Film

There are several major brand name paint protection films available.  The market is becoming even more crowded as ceramic coating companies are entering the paint protection film market.


This leads to a very common question; which the is best paint protection film, 3M Pro Series, Premium Shield, STEK or XPEL? The short answer is they all are great films.  To help our clients make an informed decision, we have information on 3M Pro Series, Premium Shield, STEK and XPEL paint protection film available in our shop for a side by side product comparison.  Our informed staff of paint protection specialists can help guide you through the decision process to determine which film best suits your needs and your vehicle’s needs.  Are these high-pressure sales tactics we use? No.  Have we lost sales because a client wants a film we do not offer? Yes.  We believe so much in paint protection film that we are truly happy when a car is protected even if we did not complete the installation. 

Paint Protection Film Process

At Immaculate Paint Protection, your vehicle is treated like it is our own and a proven process is followed to achieve the best results. 
​First, we listen to your needs to determine what paint protection package would be best suited for you. 
​Next, your entire vehicle will be hand washed, then to properly prepare the surfaces that will be protected by the film, a clay bar and decontamination process is completed. 
Prior to the installation, your paint protection film is CNC computer cut with patterns specific for your vehicle that is developed by Engineers.  ​
Finally, the paint protection film or “clear bra” is applied onto your vehicle using a soap solution.
The entire process is completed for you in a well-lit, clean and secured facility. 
Generally, your vehicle is needed for a minimum of one day and one night to achieve a high-quality installation. 
Aston Martin Vanquish S Clear Bra by Immaculate Paint Protection guarded against rock paint chips

Michael R., Google Review

"Bill does a fantastic job with the services he offers and customer service(I got a full front end clear bra/ppf for my Aston Martin)."

Mercedes Benze SUV with Paint Protecton Clear Bra 3M by Immaculate Paint Protection

Sandra J., Google Review

"My car looked better than it did the day I drove it off the lot and it was new then. Very meticulous work that well exceeded my expectations."
Tesla Model 3 PaintProtection 3M PPF with Pro Ceramic Coat Big Time Shine

James R., Google Review

"Immaculate Paint Protection went above and beyond and really took the extra time to ensure every detail was done just right."