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Tesla Paint Protection - Done Right!

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Tesla Paint Protection Film

Avoid paint chips and drive with confidence knowing your Tesla will look new for years to come regardless of age or miles driven then our paint protection film protection is for you.

Tesla Ceramic Coatings

Need an amazing looking Tesla with maximum gloss, but also want to protect your paint, plastic trim, glass and wheels while being easy to clean then our ceramic coatings are for you.

Why do Teslas require extra care for their paint?

Tesla does many things right—but their paint isn’t at the top of that list.  I’ve also seen that the paint on Teslas chips on obvious areas such as the bumper and the hood, but also in front of the rear wheels.

As an industrial engineer who’s coming from the automotive industry, I know this to be true. Like many new cars, the paint on new Teslas can be thin.


Thinner paints are quicker and cheaper for manufacturers to apply.

The geometry of the vehicle is another factor that destroys the Tesla paint. They have a flat plane up front grabbing rocks and debris, and creating unsightly paint chips.  Your Tesla, your new investment, is at greater risk for paint chips now more than ever.


What are the challenges you face to keep your Tesla looking new?

Unfortunately, every time you drive your vehicle, no matter how careful you are, the paint on your Tesla is being ruined.

Rocks and stones are lying on the road waiting to chip your paint.


The sun, rain, winter time salts and birds are also out there destroying your shinny paint.


Unless you park your Tesla away and never drive it, your paint will start to look tired, reducing the value of your vehicle.


Luckily for you, there’s now a solution. Immaculate Paint Protection offers two different solutions that are always working for you, are easy to maintain, and will keep your Tesla looking newer, longer.  


The truth about new Tesla paint protection!

When the highest quality products available are used by meticulous craftsmen with an included multiyear warranty and spectacular client service, new vehicle paint protection is a very affordable investment. 


The downside of not purchasing paint protection could involve spending thousands of dollars and waiting days or weeks to have a vehicle repainted.

The first truth we can share is that every vehicle will suffer from paint chips and only paint protection film, “clear bra”, can stop the rock chips.

The second truth is all new vehicles need some level of paint correction and a protective coating.


For durability that last years and to eliminate monthly waxing and make washing easier, we use ceramic coatings.


The last truth is your vehicle will need some level of paint protection and you deserve the highest level of client service.

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Paint Protection Film or Ceramic Coating which is right for my Tesla?

If you want to avoid paint chips so your Tesla looks new – regardless of how fast, how far, or how often you drive then you need our paint protection film (clear bra). The durable paint protection film will be installed by our certified installers, offering you maximum protection and a 10 or 12-year warranty.

If you want a deep gloss shine that will withstand the harsh sun, nasty winters and other road grime, and is super easy to clean then you will need our ceramic vehicle coating. You can experience that “new car shine” for years with a professionally applied ceramic coating.

If you need the ultimate in paint protection - we can apply paint protection film first and then apply ceramic coating - given you the best of both paint protection options.

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