Car Wash Tips from the Professionals at
Immaculate Paint Protection

Tesla Model Y Red with Full Body Paint Protection Film by Immaculate Paint Protection

1. Clean Wheels -Process

Spray on tire and rim cleaner, scrub outside of rim, then rim barrel, scrub tire, rinse will.

Pro Tip: Clean tires until cleaner foam is white.

Clean Rim Faces with Lugnut Brush 20210822_105040.jpg

2. Foam Soak - Process

Spray entire vehicle with foam cannon wait till foam start to "break away" then rinse off.

Pro Tip: Spray away from the vehicle to start to test the connection.


3. Contact Wash - Process

Use two buckets with grit guards. Wash one section at time, rinse out wash mitt in rinse bucket. Rinse of car as you go. 

Pro Tip: Move wash mitt in straight line front to back and top to bottom, no circles.

Wash Car How To.jpg

4. Sealant Topper - Process

Spray a 3-4 squirts of sealant on the panel then rinse immediately. Start at roof and work around car.

Pro Tip: After roof is done rinse entire vehicle. Only work one panel at tip to avoid streaks.

Gyeon Cure.jpg

5. Drying - Process

Drag towel across vehicle. Use separate black towels for wheels and door jambs. 

Pro Tip: Use different  towels from paint and wheels to avoid swirling or scratching the paint.

Towel Body Drying.jpg

1. Clean Wheels - Products

Gyeon Tire 

Gyeon Wheel Cleaner

Soft Rim Brush

Barrel Brush

Tire Brush 

Dedicated Bucket

Pro Tip: Wash wheels then move vehicle to rotate wheels and wash again

Tire Wash Gyeon Tire Gyeon Wheel Cleaner Ram 25000 DSC02752.JPG

2. Foam Soak - Products

Gyeon Foam

Foam Cannon

Pro Tip: Take picture after foam to flex on Instagram. Tell your neighbor it is $100 an hour to wash his car.

PreSoak Gyeon Foam 2022 Ram 2500 DSC02735.JPG

3. Contact Wash - Products

Gyeon Bathe

Two Buckets 

Two Grit Guards

Two Big Wash Mitts

One Small Wash Mitt

Pro Tip: Buy a measuring cup and use it to mix soap -you will save $$$. Just a little soap is needed.

Contact Wash Gyeon Bathe Ram 2500 DSC02739.JPG

4. Sealant Topper - Products

Gyeon Wet Coat

Pro Tip: Use on wheels for that extra pop. 

Apply Sealant Gyeon Wet Coat 2022 Ram 2500 DSC02763.JPG

5. Drying - Products

Gyeon Silk Dry

Black Microfiber Towels

Pro Tip: Wash mircofiber towels on cold, dry on low heat. High heat melt the fibers and increase risk of swirling paint.

Drying Door Jamb Towels Rag Company Body Towel Gyeon Silk Dryer Ram 2500 DSC02774.JPG

7 Mistakes to Avoid when washing your car

  1. Using an automatic car wash with brushes - car will be scratched

  2. Using dirty towels to dry the vehicle

  3. Using the scrub pad from the kitchen to remove dirt and tar

  4. Not using a grit guard when rinsing wash mitt

  5. Dropping a wash mitt or towel on the ground - then touching the paint

  6. Using the wrong cleaning product and scrubbing too hard - see number 3

  7. Not washing frequently enough 

Need More than a Detail Service Professional Paint Protection

PPF Computer Cut File for Tesla Model S by Immaculate Paint Protection the best way to protect your Tesla paint is with Paint Proteciton Film

Paint Protection Film

Avoid paint chips and drive with confidence knowing your car truck or SUV will look new for years to come regardless of age or miles driven then our paint protection film protection is for you.

Tesla Model S PPF Paint Protection Film Hood Protected from Rock Chips by Immaculate Paint Protection

Ceramic Coatings

Need an amazing looking car truck or SUV with maximum gloss, but also want to protect your paint, plastic trim, glass and wheels while being easy to clean then our ceramic coatings are for you.

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