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Food, Friends, and Fun: Immaculate Paint Protection Hosts the Tesla Owners Club of PA (TOCPA)

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Immaculate Paint Protection was proud to host the Tesla Owners Club of PA for a Cars and Coffee brunch on April 9th. To show our passion for working on Teslas, we had a Tesla Model S Plaid on display. We were also proud to show our newest improvements: Not one but two new inhouse Tesla chargers.

During the event, which was well attended by Tesla Club members and their families, we gave away two door prizes. We gave one to the owner of the newest Tesla (just a week old!), and we awarded the other to the person who drove the farthest to the shop (100 miles!)

Tesla owners and their families enjoyed special Tesla cookies and coffee--plus Spaceballs. (They were just fancy meatballs—a nod to the fact that the movie Spaceballs is an inside joke with the Tesla community.)

The event raised money for the Bloom For Women, an organization supporting women survivors or sex trafficking , by asking for a free will donation. Carol, Vicky, and Ashley from Bloom dropped by to express their thanks.

We appreciated the opportunity to tell Tesla Club members the benefits of paint protection and also to share our paint protection buyers’ tips, in particular for Teslas. Paint protection film stops rock and stone chips, and ceramic coating gives gloss and makes your Tesla easier to shine.

We also offered our New Car Buyer’s Guide to members for free. It’s available upon request. To receive a free copy, email Bill at

During the event, one Tesla club member said, “Wow! I should had gotten paint protection applied to my Tesla, but didn't know where to go."

Hopefully, we helped to solve that problem for other Tesla owners in the future!

For paint protection film and ceramic coating packages, pricing, and more visit us at

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