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Which is Right for Me: Paint Protection Film or Ceramic Coating?

Do you want to avoid paint chips and drive with confidence knowing your vehicle will look new for years to come regardless of age or miles driven? Our paint protection film is for you.

Immaculate Paint Protection installed SunTek Reaction paint protection film on McLaren to keep the paint looking brand new.
Paint Protection Film installed to stop rocks and stone from chipping the paint.

Do you need an amazing looking vehicle with maximum gloss, but also want to protect your paint, plastic trim, glass, and wheels while being easy to clean? Our ceramic coatings are for you.

How long does it take?

• PPF: one to two full days to apply

• Ceramic coating: at least three days to apply due to extensive prep

Paint Protection Film: When do you protect your paint?

Optimal: Car is 1-2 weeks old

Suitable: Car is 1-2 months old

Questionable: Car is 1-2 years old

SunTek Reaction paint protection film also know as clear vinyl wrap is being applied to stop paint chips on a Rivan R1T.
Paint Protection Film being installed at Immaculate Paint Protection.

Ceramic Coating can be done anytime, but more work may be required.

Optimal: Car is 1-2 years old

Suitable: Car is 2-3 years old

Immaculate Paint Protection knows how to provide your Porsche with the best paint protection possible.
A professional ceramic coating is being applied to a 911 Porsche.

For paint protection film and ceramic coating packages, pricing, and more visit us at

A ceramic coating can and often is applied after paint protection film is installed to provide the ultimate in vehicle paint protection.
Toyota Rav 4 with Paint Protection Film AND Ceramic Coating.

About the author: Bill Fetter’s passion for cars started at an early age, as he loved anything with wheels. Through his childhood, Bill observed his dad’s work as a mechanical engineer turned marketing manager and proud lifelong employee of General Motors. During high school, Bill honed his passion for cars by hand-washing and detailing his neighbors’ vehicles. Knowing he wanted to be in the automotive industry, Bill earned a degree in Industrial Engineering from Kettering University in Flint, Michigan. He’s worked as an engineer in the automotive manufacturing, medical device, steel industry, and pharmaceutical manufacturing fields.

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